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Assessor Helps COVID-19 Impacted Businesses

“To generate fair and equitable assessments for our local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown we are doing everything possible to lessen this year’s business tax liability,” said Assessor Mert Smiley.

If COVID-19 has impacted your business financially, the Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office may be able to offer assistance after review of your business’ loss and its impact on your property. As the owner, you must be able to show at least a three-year history of financial documents to determine the economic impact was due to the pandemic, provide details regarding any government assistance received, and any other information needed after an in-person meeting. Adjustments will be made on a case by case basis. This COVID-19 economic assistance is afforded to Ascension Parish businesses as a result of the combined efforts of the Assessor, Parish President and Parish Council.

“During this unprecedented time, it is more important than ever that all Ascension Parish taxing agencies work together for the benefit of the people. I am proud of the close working relationship we have developed with all Parish leaders. It is through openness and accountability that we earn the trust and support of the people,” said Parish President Clint Cointment.

Chairwoman Teri Casso added, “On behalf of the Ascension Parish Council, we are grateful for the effort to assist those local businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19. We appreciate the effort by the Assessor’s Office to notify the public, so that any adversely affected businesses will have the opportunity to seek tax relief after providing appropriate documentation.

If you feel your business meets the criteria for assistance, please contact the Assessor’s Office to schedule a meeting at your place of business, for your convenience. Please call your Assessor’s Office at (225) 647-8182 or (225) 473-9239 by August 31 to schedule an appointment.