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Chief Deputy Assessor Leads Multiple Panel Discussions

On March 16-17, 2022, the Louisiana Assessor’s Association hosted an Assessor’s Professional Development Seminar in Marksville, Louisiana. The program presented information on how Assessor offices handle day to day issues in a group discussion format. Chief Deputy Assessor Justin Champlin, AAS, CLDA, led three panel discussions focusing on personal property, mobile home assessment, and public relations.

For Personal Property, Champlin manages over 340 ITEP contracts and ensures all industrial assessments are annually completed. Several of the largest industrial plants in the world are located in Ascension Parish. Champlin shares many practical ways on handling annual personal property assessments and ITEP contract management.

For Mobile Home Assessment, Champlin expresses the difficulties in ensuring all mobile homes are assessed, the utilization of a permitting system to obtain mobile home information, and the importance of using GIS to accurately map mobile homes, whether its owned by the landowner or not.

For Public Relations, Champlin emphasizes the need of proper branding with creating brand standards and a logo with all the proper graphic files. Faithfully serving the public is the most important goal of the Ascension Assessor’s Office, so developing an easy-to-use website with relevant information is essential.

Champlin continues to offer practical solutions in response to questions by sharing the Ascension Assessor’s best practices with other assessment offices.

Justin Champlin, AAS, CLDA discussing ITEP management with Personal Property