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Constitutional Amendment 6 increases residents eligibility for Special Assessment Level (Freeze).

 Assessor Smiley strongly supported Constitutional Amendment 6 that was on last November’s ballot and it was an overwhelming success.

Amendment 6 will allow more citizens 65 and older plus veterans of any age with a disability rating of 50% or greater to qualify for the special assessment level freeze. The income limitation has been raised to $100,000, an increase of over $20,000. Beginning this year, homeowners making up to $100,000 can freeze the assessed value of their primary residence, thus avoiding the increase of reassessment every four years.

Your support for Amendment 6 helped to make Louisiana a more attractive place for retirees while giving qualifying homeowners a break on property tax increases. If you have not applied for this important benefit, please contact our office at 225-647-8182 or 225-473-9239, or come by one of our three office locations.