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Have Questions About Your Assessment? 

During the annual 15-day Open Book period, the Assessor’s Office is required to provide property owners the opportunity to review the assessed value. 

This 15-day period occurs between August 15th and Sept. 15th each year, and exact dates are published in the local newspaper and the Public Notice section on our website (2022 Important Dates Notice).  All parcel information is always available on our website and online map plus remember we have an Open-Door Policy all year long.

The Assessor’s Office cannot accept appeals. 

Please send appeals using Appeal form #3101A to:
Ascension Parish Board of Review/Office of Parish Council
Attn: Cinnamon G. McKey
P.O. Box 1659
Gonzales, LA 70707-1659
Telephone: (225) 450-1234
Fax: (225) 450-1237

PLEASE NOTE: You must submit all information concerning the value of your property to the Assessor’s office before the deadline for filing an appeal with the Board of Review. The failure to submit such information may prevent you from relying on that information should you protest your value.

Looking to learn more about the Appeals Process?

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