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Tax Calculation

How Property Taxes Are Created

The Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office must appraise and assess the value on approximately 60,000 parcels of property. The value the Assessor determines is called “assessed value” and is a percentage of fair market value or use value as prescribed by law. The assessed value is calculated as a percentage of the market value as provided for by law and is called the “assessment level.”

  • Land (Residential and Commercial): 10% Fair Market Value 
  • Residential Improvements: 10% Fair Market Value
  • Commercial Improvements: 15% Fair Market Value 
  • Commercial Personal Property: 15% Fair Market Value

Taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value by the tax rate set by various millages, bond millage rates and parcel fees voted on by registered voters in different districts established by the Legislature or Constitution or established by Louisiana law. If the property is your home, you may qualify for homestead exemption, disabled veteran exemption, and/or first responder exemption.

There are two factors that go into determining property taxes, and it all begins with YOU.

How Property Taxes are Created

There are two factors that go into determining property taxes and it all begins with YOU.

  • You buy property

  • Property sale is recorded by Clerk of Court; Assessor’s Office gets notified of the sale

  • Assessor’s Office gives the property an ID number

  • Fair market value is determined by researching sales and real estate appraisals of similar property

  • You vote for taxes (millages) to pay for services

    (a mill is $1 per $1000 of assessed property value)

  • These millages support the taxes and taxing districts YOU approved

  • Taxing district officials vote to determine exact millages

    (from a minimum to a maximum tax rate to create the income needed for that service)

  • Approved millages are applied to your assessed property value

These two factors are then used to determine a tax rate and YOUR property is officially placed on the Assessor’s roll

How Taxes Are Calculated

Residential ExampleDescription
$250,000.00Fair Market Value
x 10%Assessment Level
$25,000.00Assessed Value
– $7,500.00Homestead Exemption
$17,500.00Taxable Value
x .115Avg Millage Tax Rate
$2,012.50Total Property Taxes Due
Commercial ExampleDescription
$200,000.00Land Fair Market Value
x 10%Assessment Level
$20,000.00Land Assessed Value
$500,000.00Building Fair Market Value
x 15%Assessment Level
$75,000.00Building Assessed Value
$95,000.00Total Taxable Value
x .115Avg Millage Tax Rate
$10,925.00Total Property Taxes Due

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